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The Intro

Do you ever feel like no matter how many times you wash your hair, it isn’t truly clean, that even though you just shampooed, your hair lacks that perfectly clean, bouncy and soft feel? They say cleanliness is next to godliness, how far short does your hair fall from Mount Olympus?

If you suffer from product build-up, pollution or hard-water, chances are, your hair is about as godly as an unwanted cat-call.

Thankfully, Living Proof heard our cries and answered our prayers with an incredibly innovative blessing from their Perfect Hair Day line: Triple Detox Shampoo. This shampoo will truly cleanse your hair deeply, but in a non-damaging way that is color-safe and won’t harshly strip the hair. Usually, when a shampoo boasts of a deep clean, we all know what’s coming next is the dreaded, straw hair effect. Frizzy, dry as a board, scarecrow hair that will fall flat the second moisture touches it.

The Down and Dirty on Why Your Hair Needs Triple Detox Like, Yesterday

Much like a bad breakup, our hair holds onto garbage and no matter how many times we shampoo, it just won’t let go. That’s because certain products, pollution, and hard water are able to cling to our hair in extra sneaky ways that unlike regular dirt and grime, won’t necessarily come off with a good scrub-a-dub. So if you’ve got a clinger problem like the nasty 3 (hard water, pollution, and product buildup), you need the big, yet gentle, guns: a chelating shampoo. According to Living Proof’s science, their chelating agent found in Triple Detox has the ability to gently remove hard water mineral buildup, pollutants and products like hair sprays, gels, and even leave-in moisturizers by using an anionic polymer and a gentle surfactant, they also put activated charcoal in the shampoo to absorb oil from the scalp. And on top of all that, they also have a special scalp moisturizing and soothing complex with witch hazel that helps nourish and moisturize the scalp.

Let me just say, when I first heard about this product launch, I had several questions, one it sounds too good to be true (which isn’t an actual question, but more of a questioning thought so it still counts) and do I even need this? I wondered why my current shampoos couldn’t do the job, did I actually need this special one, or was it a gimmick? Now, I’ve learned better than to question Living Proof, after all, their products have saved my hair game more than once or twice and some of their amazing innovative products have done more for my hair than just about anything. But still, my doubt lingered, until that is, I had it in my hands and used it. Right out of the tube, the product feels and looks moisturizing, it’s very creamy. It felt soothing and moisturizing to my scalp, which made me worry that it wouldn’t truly cleanse. I gently massaged it in and because I had just used their test strip they included and found out I did indeed have hard water, I left it on my head for about two minutes, as per their instruction. When I got out and dried my hair, the proof was in the pudding.

Holy hell. I felt like my hair hadn’t been this soft and bouncy since my pre-bleach blonde days (RIP brunette Hannah), it was incredible. The volume I had, I felt like Bridgette Bardot, and my god, it was amazing. But the greatest part was that I had all this volume without the usual garbage that comes along with it, (frizziness for days and crispy, crunchy ends that are sadly synonymous with volumizing products). The other amazing thing was how soft and healthy the rest of my hair felt (yes, even and especially the ends!), it’s like I didn’t even know what my hair could be if it were freed of this previously unknown problem of buildup. I mean, I had heard of the chelation process and once dabbled in an attempt using a Pinterest recipe involving dish soap *shudders with regret and shame* , but as you can imagine, that resulted in severe damage and it took weeks of deep conditioning to get my hair back to its prior softness, although, on the plus side, I got the part of scarecrow number six at the local organic farm and I didn’t even have to rent the wig. So even though I may have technically chelated my hair, it was at much too great a cost and believe me, I never did it again. After that experience, I simply didn’t believe in chelation and its benefits. And as cliche, as it is, boy was I wrong. It turns out, cleansing your hair of product buildup, pollution and hard water will leave you with gorgeous hair you didn’t even realize you had.

After using Triple Detox regularly as a part of my hair care routine, I can safely say that’s what Triple Detox does, it gives you the best possible version of your hair and if you have been unknowingly dealing with a product buildup issue, you don’t even know how great your hair could be.

So stop missing out, it’s time to rediscover and fall in love with your hair and all that it can be. Triple Detox lets you once and for all (with regular use obvi, it’s not a one-time thing), rid yourself of your hair baggage and move onto falling in love with your best (hair) self.

The Breakdown

Triple Detox is available at Sephora in two sizes, standard (5.4 ounces) for $28 and a mini (2 ounces) for $13. The shampoo is free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, phthalates and cruelty. It’s recommended that you use it as needed, in place of your regular shampoo and that you follow with conditioner. As for deciding what “as needed” means for your hair, they have made it easy by including a hard water strip test.

Follow the instructions and if you have super hard, hard water it’s suggested you use the shampoo once a week. But you can get a feel for it after using it for a while, you’ll know the difference between your hair being truly fresh and clean and when it’s full of product buildup. So once your hair starts to be weighed down and grimy, simply reach for Triple Detox. I’m telling you, I knew right away after my first shampoo with Triple D, I’m never going back. I’ll never not have it as a mainstay in my haircare arsenal. It’s practically a part of me now because after seeing my hair for what it can be, it would be preposterous to be without it.

The Score: 10/10

It’s always such a pleasure to say that something is a true 10/10 and if there ever was a hair care product that embodies what a “10” should be, it’s Triple Detox by Living Proof. I am so glad that I found this incredible product and like I said, I won’t ever be without it now. Do you know how rare it is for me to find something and pretty much immediately upon trying it, know that it will be a staple? It’s very freaking rare. But the results speak for themselves and they yell from the rooftops of how amazing they are. If you want to take your hair to the next level and treat yourself to the healthiest version of your hair, you need this. Especially if you either have hard water, live in an area where you’re exposed to pollution or you use a lot of product, if you meet one or more of those criteria, don’t sit and wait, get up and run to Sephora. Just do it. You’ll thank me later.

The Pros and Cons


  1. It gives you the best version of your hair possible, hair you didn’t even know you had. Don’t wait to reveal the beautiful strands that lie beneath that gunky cover of buildup, free your hair and claim your place at Mount Olympus.
  2. It smells amazing. The scent is light and refreshing and is just dang pleasant as heck. (Trying to not use bad words, go me)
  3. It’s free of the common hair product nasties: sulfates, phthalates, and cruelty (aka testing on animals).
  4. It’s easy to use and customizable to your needs. It’s as simple as leaving it on for 2 minutes if your hair has a lot of buildup, or if you see that you have hard water. If however, you don’t have too much buildup and just want a light detox cleanse, just shampoo like you normally would.
  5. They include a super easy to use tester kit to see if you have hard water. I’ve included pictures of it and the process. It’s as easy as it gets and it’s cool because it makes you feel all sciency and it’s fun to tell people that you’re busy testing for hard water mineral content. #braggadociousbabe


  1. I really can’t think of a con and I’m not in a cheeky mood to come up with some sarcastic gag about it not being free.

Tips & Tricks

  1. What I like doing with Triple Detox is making it a part of my self-care Sunday. SCS is where I treat myself to a nice long bubble bath or shower. I get out all my bath bombs and shower steamers, my fancy salts, and scrubs, candles go down and the music is turned way the fuck heck up. It’s my time and ain’t nobody getting in the way of that. Anyways, SCS is all about doing those little extras that make you feel pampered and truly taken care of. Even though Triple Detox doesn’t take an extra-long time at all, I like to make it a part of my Sunday routine because of how nice this shampoo smells and feels. It’s just so relaxing to massage the soft, soothing shampoo into my scalp and the smell is very spa-like so it’s perfect for an SCS.
  2. As far as finding the perfect balance of when to use it and when to use your regular shampoo goes, I’m going to need the help of an old beloved song. Listen to your heart. Go ahead and give it a little sing-along. With Triple Detox it’s as simple as that, you’ll know. Listen to your heart and feel your hair and scalp, when they need that extra dose of clean and bounce, go for the Triple D. You’ll know. Trust yourself and if you need some help with this go to step 3.
  3. Use the provided test kit to determine if you have hard water. It’s super easy to use, just take the stip out, dip it in a bowl of your water straight from the source (i.e. whatever it is touching your hair in the shower, I’m assuming you’re not bringing your Brita Filter in there), so you dip it for 3 seconds, then remove it, don’t shake it, and wait 20 seconds for the color to develop fully. Then match the color to the closest color block on the package.
Living Proof Triple Detox
Testing for Hard Water
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