Review: Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant

When I first saw Dove’s new line of 0% Aluminum, I was conflicted. Part of me wanted to grab it right off the shelf and apply it there in the aisle in the middle of target, the other part of me started to scold, telling myself that I shouldn’t be so quick to fall in love, that it could lead to another heartbreak.

I listened to reason and logic, thankfully, and waited till I got home to try it out.

Here’s the result.

For a non-aluminium deodorant, it’s quite good. It’s not going to prevent sweating like the regular deodorants, but it does a fine job of masking any smell. It’s nice too because if you like the regular Dove deodorants, then you can match your favorite scent with its healthier counterpart.

So if you don’t mind sweat and are just concerned with masking smell, this could definitely be for you. I have tried many natural deodorants and this is definitely going up in my top 5. I find that once you have sifted through several natural deodorants, you’ll start to see a pattern. There are the ones that are so full of essential oils that they sting and can darken the skin, there’s weird ones that are gritty and super texturized, there are deodorants that don’t seem to do a darn thing, no smell masking and if anything, they seem to make you sweat more, and then there are the lovely ones that are light, refreshing, smell heavenly and do a good job of masking smell without making you sweat any more than usual. Dove’s 0% Aluminum falls into that last camp. It’s lovely, it just is. I adore Dove’s scents so I love that I can match it to my favorite of their regular scents. It feels nice throughout the day, no irritation, no extra sweat. It lasts quite nicely as well, holds up just as good as any non-aluminium deodorant can do.

Now here’s the thing with natural deodorants, they don’t abate sweat. That is, I haven’t been able to find one that does, I’ll keep looking, but honestly, I have literal years and years of searching, I’m beginning to lose hope. Perhaps one day someone will come up with a way to prevent sweat without aluminium, and I hope that once they do I’m one of the first to find it, until then, I’ll keep using regular deodorants on days when I want to keep sweat and smell at bay, and on days when I don’t mind a bit of sweat, I’ll use a 0% Aluminum deodorants. I have a couple of these natural type favorites and I know I said previously that Dove’s was in my top five, but it’s rising to top 3 quickly. If you’re considering a natural deodorant for the first time or you’ve been searching for a good one, you can’t go wrong with Dove’s 0% Aluminum. If you’re still on the fence, get right down. Sitting on fences wringing your hands over making the right decision is just a waste of time and energy, what can go wrong? If you’re ok with a little sweat, so long as not a whiff of a bad smell comes through, and you want to make a healthier choice for your body, leave the fence and find your new favorite deodorant once and for all.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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