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It goes without saying, dry shampoo will go down in history as one of the top innovations that changed humanity for the better. As with the lightbulb, the automobile and microwave ovens, dry shampoo has given us the ability to add time back into our lives. In this current cultural climate, getting more time to ourselves is as important as ever. In case you haven’t noticed (in which case cheers to you for your privilege, now go check it), this world is rough, working multiple jobs, long hours, and endless hustle are the new norms. Having to spend unnecessary time washing hair when we could simply apply some dry shampoo and be out the door, no thank you. Not today.

My sleep is precious and my alarm clock can politely go f*ck itself. All hail the miraculous innovation for the stars that is dry shampoo.

It’s not quite as easy as that though, you can easily go wrong with dry shampoo, it can make your dirty hair look positively wrecked if you A) don’t get the right shampoo to fit your hair and scalp and B) if you don’t use it correctly. Not all dry shampoos are alike so I’m here to separate the wheat from the chaff and make sure your hair is heavenly every time. After all, cleanliness is close to godliness. #gettingbiblicalwithit

So will OGX Green Tea Fitness Dry Shampoo Foam ($8.99) take you to hair heaven or deliver you to hell on an expressway? The answer, it depends on your definition of hell. (Ooh I am getting fiery today!)

So let me first start off with the expectations for a dry shampoo. I wanted it to clean my hair much in the way a shampoo would. (I.e. you apply it and then the result is clean, residue-free hair because as much as I adore dry shampoo, I don’t love how it can be gritty and feel dirty on my scalp).

So basically what I wanted was a shower in a can. Hold the water.

OGX Dry Shampoo Foam
OGX Dry Shampoo Foam

So how does it compare to A) the shower and, B) dry shampoo

A) The Shower Comparison

If showering is a 10, the dry shampoo foam is a 7. Does it leave your hair totally squeaky clean? No. Does it make it much cleaner than before applying it? Sure, ok, yes. Definitely. But, does it leave it with no residue? Not entirely. While it doesn’t have that gritty feeling of dry shampoo powder, you can definitely feel a bit of residue. Once it dries down, it’s really not that bad though. As for the cleaning power, the dry shampoo foam is really good at cleaning your hair from dirt and any smell (like after a heavy workout), but it’s not quite as tough on oil. To be fair though, I did try it out on days that I was particularly oily-headed, so if you are either not prone to oily roots or are using it on day 2 hair, you’d probably be fine and love it.

B) Dry Shampoo Comparison

So dry shampoo at it’s best gives incredible volume and texture, smells amazing and makes your hair look and feel grease-free. The dry shampoo foam didn’t exactly give volume and definitely no texture. When you apply it, you have to pretty aggressively rub it into your roots so you’ll see volume at first but then once your brush your hair (or a little time elapses) the volume will all but completely disappear, which isn’t great because, in my experience, the dry shampoo foam didn’t remove the grease fully. It does smell good though, I’d say the scent is more floral and soapy than green tea-like. It definitely has a strong scent though so I would suggest giving it a whiff before purchasing because if you’re not a fan, you won’t want it radiating off your head all day.

So when compared to a shower, the dry shampoo foam actually comes decently close, it will make your hair and scalp look and feel cleaner, so if you mainly use dry shampoo for it’s cleansing benefits and you can do without the added volume and texture, you should definitely give dry shampoo foam a try. In fact, some people hate the feeling of dry shampoo and say it makes them feel dirtier, which makes sense since dry shampoo is powdery and guess what, so is actual dirt. So if you fall in that camp, get out to a Target, Ulta or your favorite Drugstore and grab this baby up, it’ll probably be your next best friend.

On the other hand, if volume and texture are your thang, and you might even be one of those people who loves a (clean, but) dirty, sexy bedhead look, stick with the tried and true regular dry shampoo.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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