Ground-Breaking Products for the Easiest Self-Tan Ever – The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Faux Tan Perfection

If you can’t seem to get self-tanning down and are about to throw in the towel, read this. If you’ve had discouraging after discouraging self-tan experiences, I have the solution.

For a streakless, orange-less, perfect tan, all you need are the following: Jergens in Shower Tanning Lotion and St. Tropez Self Tan Water Mist. Yup, that’s it. Only two products. One is for your body and the other, your face.

No mitts. No mousse. No drops.

It’s literally as easy as rubbing in lotion and spritzing a mist on your face.

When I found these two products, you guys, I swear Heaven opened for me and now, I live there. My self-tanning BFFs created a personal Heaven for me. I love being tan so much and I just always have, it makes me feel extra pretty and confidant, it just does. I mean who doesn’t love a little tan, it makes the skin look healthy and glowy, it tightens any areas that you *ahem* might want to be tightened, it’s like a natural contour and it helps hide blemishes to boot.

Sadly though, due to the evils of the sun, getting tan can be quite the conundrum. Doing it the natural way is so yesterday. You won’t catch me laying out naked (aka sans SPF) anytime soon (ever, ever, EVER), nor will I enter a tanning bed under any circumstances. It’s just not worth it. *enter dramatic and fear-inducing lecture about skin cancer and premature ageing*

So the only route to a perfect tan left to me is the faux road. I’ve spent years of my life, like ever since I was 14 I think was when I started getting into self-tans, looking for the perfect, streakless self-tan product. You guys, I’ve spent so much time and money being disappointed. I couldn’t even count the number of creams, mousses, lotions, bronzers, sprays and wipes I’ve tried that promise a golden faux-glow. More often than not I have been subjected to disappointment that came in three main forms: either the tanning products would be streaky and uneven, they would be orange or they would reak of the tell-tale gross, chemically self-tan smell. (And sometimes if you’re lucky, all three!)

In recent years I mainly used mousses and I have definitely achieved great results from them, buuuuut the catch is that they are tricky to apply. You’ve got to have the proper techniques down and you have to prep perfectly, otherwise, it’s streak-central for you.

So when I saw Jergens In-Shower self-tan lotion, I honestly laughed. I was like, there is no way that is going to work, what a sad little gimmick.

Boy oh freaking boy, did I have to eat my words. I ended up buying it because, despite all my guffaws, I realized, hey, it’s so crazy, it just might work.

So I purchased. I showered. I followed the simple instructions. (All you do is when you’re down showering, turn off the water, rub the lotion on like you would any old lotion, then get out of the shower and pat dry with your towel). That’s IT. Simple as could be. WHAT THE HECK. And it works, like actual magic. Perfect tan. It’s buildable too and gradual so you can decide how tan you want to be. That’s right, for the first time, you have total control over your tan.

There simply aren’t words to tell you how much I love this product. I couldn’t live without it, truly. It’s so simple and easy and quick, not to mention it’s a drugstore product as if it couldn’t get any better.

And now, onto the face product. St. Tropez truly #blessed us when they created heaven in a bottle (AKA Tan Water Mist). This self-tanning product has to be the absolute easiest, most fool-proof self-tanning product that I have EVER used. There is NO way to f-up this product. A two-year-old baby could do it. All you do is take off the top and press down on the sprayer. And aim it, duh. It does not get easier people. And guess what, perfect tan. Absolute perfection every single time. The tan will develop in a few hours, I like to use it at night so I can wake up to a perfect tan (what better way to start the day, eh?). Oh yeah, and it gets better. You can apply it over skincare, over makeup even if you want to. You also don’t need to do any extra exfoliation that comes with like all other self-tan products.

This Self-Tan water is basically a setting spray or a refreshing water mist. It’s ridiculous how easy and fool-proof it is.

St Tropez Self Tanning Water

So if you want the most mind-blowingly easy, perfect whole body self-tan, go grab these two angels and enjoy the glow.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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