Dr. Jart Ceramidim Cream – Review

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the new love of my life. Yes, that’s right, this product is a freaking game changer. It’s like when you find something so new and radical that it’s more than just a new love in your life, instead, it gives you a new life? Does that even make sense? It’s like before this product, you were not living...you hadn’t achieved your highest level and you didn’t even know it could be reached?

Ok, I will stop the hyping and get onto the describing, so you too can start living your best and fulfilling your (skin’s) true potential greatness.

I give to thee that pure magic that is Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Cream.

I will first tell you what it does for my skin, then get down and dirty with the science of it so strap in.

I was initially drawn to the dream cream (ok ew, I promise to never use that again) when I was in the back of Sephora, not like the employees only back, no worries, just that random dark area of skincare that can at times and in the right stores, feel a bit like a wasteland, personally I like to go there when I need a little distress moment. You know, just take in the gorgeous scenery of the lovely skincare products, breathe in their essence and take your mind to that sweet, sweet mental heaven. You know the feeling and if you are in need of it, get yourself down to the back end of Sephora stat.

So I’m in the back of Sephora, in my little dream state, floating on air, humming sweet nothings to myself about how beautiful my skin is going to look when I happen upon some unique-ass packaging. A strikingly minimalistic package that’s got a pop of color to knock your socks off (and little did I know, the product inside would lead my fall to be one of love as well). I was drawn, and as I opened the bottle to sample I was met with a most heavenly scent, it was subtle, it was clean, it was alluring as sin. Herbal, in all the right ways. It’s not overpowering, just a nice light herbal garden type scent. It’ll make you feel like you’re somewhere in the South of France in a quaint little herb garden, walking through just after a light summer rain...the scent of the herbs mixes with the moist soil and the smell of rainwater. (Told you it was heavenly and if that’s not your idea of heaven that congratulations, you’re wrong).

Now I know, after all this you’re stunned that I haven’t even begun to get to the best part...but the lead up is important, to me the smell of a product is vital. If I am truly going to be imparting a new item into my daily routine, it'll be much easier if it smells incredible and takes me to beautiful places of peace and calm, rather than smelling like let’s say weak old eggs or questionable chemicals. You bet your damn fine ass it will.

The smell can make or break a product for me and I’m not ashamed. And I can’t be blamed either. It’s human nature. No one wants to smear something funky smelling on their skin twice daily, that’s just not how we function. Blame evolution, ok?

Anyways, let’s get down to the real nuts and bolts of what makes this product kick so much ass. The actual cream itself is where the magic is at anyways.

So this is a ceramide cream, meaning it helps rebuild our skin’s delicate barrier to hold in moisture which as we know, is the essence of wetness, which is the essence of...I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Let’s talk texture. It’s so smooth in just the perfect way, but without any sense of a slime factor. It’s also just the perfect consistency, not too thick or too thin. It’s not watery at all, which I love, or oily. It’s just what you’d imagine the perfect primer to feel and look like. That’s actually why I was so drawn to this product. I’m always looking for something to put on under my makeup to act as a skin smoother and to fill in my over-sized pores...well I felt a sample of this stuff on the back of my hand and I’m like “Hold the freakin phone...is this what I’ve been searching for all this time…?” I’m sure you already know my answer: Yes, yes that and so much more. Little did I know, but that inspiringly simple, yet beautifully artistic packing and smell of heaven held the key to my skincare dreams.

I don’t use this phrase often because of reverence, but girl. I did done find me the Holy Grail.

Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Cream has it all. - Smoothing, filling in pores and lines, moisturizing to a degree I’ve only ever seen in the thickest applications of oils while being so incredibly lightweight and fast-absorbing and the only “residue” it leaves behind is just a smooth, moisturized skin-like finish.

Here’s my final grading breakdown


  1. Moisturizes like a bad B, makes your skin feel calm (get’s rid of any itchy dry patches and calms redness).
  2. You can use it under your eyes before makeup to help keep the delicate eye area moisturized and to help fill in any fine lines.
  3. It can also act as a primer to help your makeup stay in place longer and to fill in pores and smooth any texturized areas, giving you the ever-elusive porcelain look. Hi, beautiful doll.
  4. It smells like herbal garden heaven.
  5. It’s fun to touch, as in the texture and consistency are so perfect it’ll be like a little treat for your fingertips as you apply it. You think I’m being ridiculous, but just you wait till it’s in your hands, you’ll see.
  6. The packaging is cute as fuh and unique as f too.
  7. Another pro for the price, it’s actually a lot of product and a lot does go a long way (even when you’re like me and slather this on like it’s the fountain of youth).


  1. They don’t sell it in hot tub quantities. I would bathe in it if I could. I would surgically get changed into a mermaid so I could just swim in it forever. Who needs to be human anyway?

The scientific breakdown

Ceramides are our skin’s protection, the barrier that keeps bad things out and moisture locked in. Ceramides are made up of intercellular lipids which act like a brick wall composing your skin.

Ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules. (Lipids: class of organic compounds that are fatty acids or their derivatives and are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents. Including many natural oils, waxes). So think of ceramides as the building blocks of your skin that protect from outside pollutants and also hold moisture in. As we get older our ceramides decline and get damaged, so using products with ceramides is essential to protecting our delicate skin as well as keeping it from premature ageing by holding moisture in.

Fun fact: cera is Latin for wax


Honestly, you can’t go wrong. Slather as much as you can afford. I consider it basically liquid gold. You know how Carrie Bradshaw said she likes her money where she can see it, in her closet (aka the clothes)? Well, I like my money where I can feel it…? And where I can see the difference it makes. I put it on my skin at night as a final -saving the best for last-step of my routine- I also slather it on under my eyes like a sleeping eye mask. In the morning I do the same except I don’t slather as heavily as I do at bedtime.

I highly recommend you try it under your makeup as well. I will definitely use it as a sub for primer most days, or if I’m feeling fancy I’ll use it right before primer. I always put at least a little under my eyes prior to makeup too. My skin demands it, in fact, if I skip this step my skin starts sending hate threats in the mail.

Another little tip is to use this on your neck and chest area too! Think about it, do you want to have a super smooth and ageless face but a saggy and sun-damaged neck and chest? Obvious no, so obviously you’ll want to treat your neck and chest as well as you treat your face.

I’ll admit that I sometimes sneak this product on my hands as a lotion...I don’t like doing it because I cannot justify the price, but let’s just say it happens here and there. Shhhhh...don’t tell wallet.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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