Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 50 – Review

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a complicated relationship. The dreaded can’t live with it, can’t live without it scenario.

I’m talking about the sun and myself. I love the sun, I love the beautiful tan it can give me, I love the warmth and the way it can make me feel. But, I hate the burns it’ll give if I spend too much time outside in it, I hate the sunspots and discolouration and worst of all, I hate that it can give cancer.

If you think I’m being dramatic then you need to sit yourself down for a real one and watch some videos or read some tales of melanoma. It’s a very awful way to go, and it’s a brutal thing to have to see a loved one plagued with.

So I will not apologize for the seriousness and I will not shift into a lighter tone. Sun damage is as serious as literal cancer.

I grew up watching my mother and other relatives deal with having little moles looked at, biopsied and removed and let me tell you, I got scared straight. Always worried that a dot on your skin might lead to your doom is no easy thing. The scars from the biopsies aren’t a walk in the park either, and neither is the pain that comes with them.

It’s just not worth it people and there are absolutely NO excuses for letting your skin get damaged by the sun.

I’m not going to lecture about tanning—purposely overexposing yourself…cheezus christ if you are on that train then I wish you well and I hope your fate won’t be as bad as it will probably be and most of all I hope you have good medical insurance.

I will address and provide a solution for regular everyday exposure to the sun because I understand how that can be a tricky and cumbersome task and I definitely empathize with how hard it can be. It’s just one more thing to add to your already packed out day, putting on sunscreen that is. And what sucks is the fact that you know you’re not truly being effective unless you reapply it several times throughout the day.

Then to make matters worse there’s those of us who have oily skin and we know the pains of applying sunscreen to then find that 30 seconds later our shine has turned into swimming pool qualities of oil that just won’t quit.

But even after considering all these faults, sunscreen is still beyond worth it. I mean when you consider that the alternative is at best long-term damage and premature ageing and extra deep wrinkles and then at worst, actual cancer…yeah, worth it to the max.

Luckily for us all (and especially us oily sisters), I have found a brilliant solution.

Intro Colorescience Sunforgettable Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (or you can get 30 if you choose). It’s sunscreen in a powder form that’s as easy to apply as it is to say yes to free pizza.

What I love most is that it’s portable and you can apply it over your makeup so it ends the game of not applying (or having trouble applying) your SPF throughout the day.

As you can see in the pictures the product itself has one end with the powder in the canister and the other end is the brush head so all you need do is remove the lid and brush your sunscreen on. Simple as pie. Except pie isn’t so simple, you can easily go wrong and making a delicious pie should be considered an art. So should brush-on powder form sunscreen and I’ll tell you why.

Unfortunately for me, the telling of how it can go wrong involves a rather embarrassing story so you’re in for a treat.

I was looking for a powder sunscreen and like I always do when I look for skincare products, I also look for something that can mattify my face, and I’m at Sephora like usual when I find such a product that claims to be a double threat-SPFing and mattifying. Awesome, can’t wait to try it, hesitate to buy it though because it’s expensive af.

Buy it, bring it home, apply it. Go about my day, a day date to Solvang with my new boyfriend. In case you don’t know Solvang is the cutest little Dutch-inspired town in southern California and a favorite date location for Ryon and me. It offers a beautiful scenic drive up the coast and through the hills and wine country and then once you get there you feel transported through time and space and land in the cutest little Dutch town there ever was (well aside from the real thing of course). I highly recommend you go, it has everything, bakeries, shops, wine, restaurants, bookstores, and did I say wine?

So anyway we’re in the car driving past Santa Barbara area when I start to notice my face is itchy…I quickly glance in the mirror to ensure no red patches of doom, but I’m on a date and I don’t want to start really peering into the pores. I see no red so I decide to go about my day and check it later when I can be alone in the bathroom. Don’t you love those days of early romance where you try to pretend you’re perfect? You don’t want your significant other to know you go through normal human bodily functions? LOL, Why do we do that to ourselves?

So we get to Solvang and walk around and I start to really notice my skin is itchy, I start touching my face, searching for signs of bumps indicating a rash or breakout and then I realize that along with the itchy feeling, I also have that unmistakable sensation of their being dog hair on my face…so now as we walk through shops up and down the main street I sneakily try to find the itch and see if I can get the dog hair off my face. So far my date doesn’t seem to notice anything, thank god.

Now the tides take a turn for the worst. We go to a restaurant. Sitting opposite each other. I try desperately to think of an excuse to go to the bathroom but I’ve also got to make it clear to the boyfriend that I definitely will not be doing a number two in there. My mind is torn in multiple directions and no excuse comes to mind yet. So I grab the menu and peer deeply in while I try to think. My face is so itchy I want to take a cheese grater to it.

The waiter comes takes the order and wrestles the menu from my cold, dying hands. Defenceless and excuseless I finally look at my date. I search his expression quizzically, does he see something amiss?

Oh god, he’s looking puzzled, he’s looking awkward like he doesn’t know what to say…then the words I’m so scared of come forth…” you’ve umm, got something on your face…maybe cat hairs?”


I get up without saying anything and bolt for the bathroom, when I get inside I dramatically like they do in the movies, make sure no one else is in there (it’s a multiple stall people), then I lock the main door. I approach the mirror, turn the light dimmer up and look.

What do I see? About 10  little black hairs. About an inch long. I kid you not. They are all over my face, my forehead, cheeks, even my eyes. My god, I look like I belong in a circus back in the early 1900s. I know immediately what it’s from, not the cat, but the brush on sunscreen I’d used earlier.

Do you know how long it took me to carefully detach all those hairs (from the brush head) off of my face? They are mischievous little devils that love to elude your grasp. Let’s just say that by the time I finally left the bathroom there was a line of very confused and irritated ladies who were no doubt worried and amused by the sounds of grunting and curses that had been coming from behind the locked door.

You can see how the hairs of the brush are loose here. 

How did things go with my date you might ask? Quite well as we are now married. Big sigh of relief. We were able to laugh about it and he even helped me get the remaining suborn hairs off. The end. I want this story to be over and I don’t want to think about that terrible disappointment of a product anymore.

Now you can see why I love Colorescience’s brush on SPF so much. I know how wrong it could have gone. I have felt that pain first hand, luckily I tried again and I am so, so happy that I found Colorescience.

Now for the breakdown: Grade: A+

It’s everything that a brushable sunscreen should be and I fully recognize and appreciate how hard that must have been to achieve. It does the trick too, I can be out all day in the sun and as long as I apply it first thing and every few hours throughout, I will be sunburn free. I absolutely love how it helps me keep my face shine-free as well. Not to mention it’s easy to transport, and it looks cool so I don’t feel weird applying it in public. It fits in the smallest of purses as well and easily fits in my yoga pants pockets too. Win, win, win.


Effectiveness: yes and yes, it keeps you sunburn free.

Formulation: it comes in four shades, I have the shade medium. It’s the perfect coverage for a sunscreen/mattifying powder. Has enough pigment to not have a white cast and it definitely won’t disrupt your makeup. It’s nicely mattifying without being overly powdery at all.

Packaging: The best I’ve ever seen from such a product. It’s lightweight but fully sturdy. The bristles are soft and feel great on my skin, no shedding (praises the makeup lords) and it looks like a high-end skincare product. You’ll feel confident applying it in public and it’s pretty rad when you get to humblebrag that you’re reapplying your SPF. Then you get to decide whether or not you indulge in lecturing on the dangers of sun damage and the necessity of sun protection. #livingyourbestlife


It’s expensive. The price tag is rough I’ll admit it but here’s the thing, for one, you can look at it as that you’re buying two products in one, a sunscreen and a finishing powder. The more important and convincing reason though: if you’re going to invest in anything skincare related, it should be sunscreen. Ask any dermatologist, what’s the most important thing to do when it comes to skincare, they’re going to say sun protection. You could argue that you could get a cheaper sunscreen and use it instead, but let me ask you, how often do you really use that other sunscreen? Every day, multiple times a day? If you answered yes then my hats off to you and keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re a normal human, well, you just can’t go wrong with this product, your skin desperately needs it.

Tips and tricks: Invest in your skin. Using sunscreen is the ultimate tip and trick, the best “hack” you’ll ever find when it comes to preserving your skin’s youth. If you want to avoid wrinkles, sagging, sunspots and all other forms of ageing for a long as possible and then minimize the effects of ageing when they naturally start to happen, invest in sunscreen.

The other trick, you could literally avoid cancer by using sunscreen regularly. Yes, it’s an expensive product, but after buying it I am using sunscreen more regularly than I ever have. In my entire life. It’s well worth the price. Your skin, your health, it’s worth it.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

I am a USC grad with a passion for beauty, health and science. I reside in beautiful California with my husband and puppy (@sebastian.thecavalierking).

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