Briogeo – What Natural Hair Care Dreams Are Made of or Your Next Hair Nightmare?

Would you sacrifice quality for a “natural” ingredients list?

Yikes, that question could sure divide a room, I feel uncomfortable just asking it, my conflict-avoidance senses are flaring. It’s a super personal choice so I won’t ask any of you to actually answer it, but rest assured that as I am the one reviewing the products for you, I certainly do not sacrifice quality for anything. My bottom line with a product is always performance, does it work, does it work really, really well? I want to see my expectations blown out of the water.

Do I absolutely love when a product is natural when it has clean ingredients? Yes, of course. As a child born to hippies who grew up on granola and tofu, who spent more time outside running through the hills with flowers in my hair than inside, believe me when I say, finding something that not only works but is also good for my body, is where that childhood joy is at. Which is exactly what brought me to Briogeo. I was looking at Sephora’s Clean section (where they have products that claim to have cleaner ingredients and are more natural and good for the body) and I see these super cute hair products that are calling my name. I, of course, had heard of Briogeo before, but I hadn’t really seen it like this. You know what I mean, all of you who love romance movies.

So I went home and started doing my routine when it comes to considering a new purchase, I read reviews, I watched Youtube tutorials, read articles and checked out the brand’s website. I like to learn all I can basically so I go in as certain as I can be that this new product will wow me and be well worth my hard-earned dollars.

I saw Briogeo had this cute as heck box called Hair-O-Scopes Brightest Stars (Massive creativity points right there). It’s $39 for a kit of sorts that features some of their best products, you get a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in cream and a blow-dry heat protectant.


  • 8 oz Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask
  • 1 oz Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo
  • 0.75 oz Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection and Heat Protectant Crème
  • 0.75 oz Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray

So for $39, I felt like that was a pretty decent deal, especially since these hair products are on the higher end side of hair care, at least their prices certainly are. Also, I love that the mask is 8oz which is full size (!) so now it’s a super good value because the mask alone is $36.


So by now I’ve ordered it and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Now I want you to read the rest like a movie script okay?

Scene: Hannah’s Shower. She’s in there washing her hair. On-screen only her shoulders and up are visible. (Off-screen, she’s wearing a bandeau top and SpongeBob swim trunks and flip-flops).

She grabs the little shampoo first, smelling it before massaging it into her hair. She smiles as she takes in the lovely peppermint scent. She starts with about a quarter-size amount. Begins shampooing. After a minute or two of rigorously massaging, she’s looking frustrated. She gets more product, and more until she’s taken up about half of what was in the tube, to begin with.

Now she smiles, it’s working. It feels really good, the peppermint is gentle but still invigorating. Now it’s time for conditioner, she scoops out a fairly large amount, more than she needs, for sure. Works it through the mid-length of the hair and focuses on the ends.

Now she blows 20 minutes. Doing nothing productive. Listening to songs, talking to herself, reading the containers in the shower. My god can this woman waste time.

Oh, now she’s asking us to hand her food and iced coffee. Why are we surprised by this action? Eating in the shower, honestly, we’re more impressed than anything.

End Scene.

So now it’s time for the leave-in and the blow-dry products, and when I’m finished blow drying my hair, I gotta say, the results are amaze.

My hair looked so smooth and shiny, it had this beautiful bouncy volume too, it was everything a good blow out should be. I’m telling you it was (pretty much) just as good as a salon blow out. But I’m not going to base my review off of that silly. I’m going to base it off of a whole heck of a lot more testing. I tried the products every which way, including with and without heat styling and after all that, here’s what I concluded: Briogeo is rad, the performance is there folks, you will love your results as much as you’ll love how good they are for your hair. However, there is a definite downside, the price tag, in terms of how quickly you’ll go through the product. For some reason, this line just demands you use a lot, which is especially true with the shampoo. Like I said earlier in my shower scene, I had to use about half of the tube of shampoo in just one use (now I do have super oily roots, but I also have really fine hair so I usually don’t have to use a ton of shampoo).

If we do the math, then since the product was 1oz, that means I needed half an ounce to get an adequate shampoo. The full-size shampoo is 8oz for $42, so roughly 16 uses (2 uses per 1oz) for $42…it’s a lot. At the end of the day, I had to ask myself, was this shampoo so completely mind-blowing that I could not live without it? Were there no other alternatives that would save me some money out there?

My answer, I won’t be repurchasing this product unless I suddenly find out I had a wealthy unknown aunt who left my everything.

What I would like is to purchase is the full size and use it like once a week for a deep clean, or maybe even once every two weeks. It does feel amazing and makes my scalp so happy and refreshed. It definitely also kept my oiliness at bay for about a dayish longer than other shampoos are able to.

My verdict on the other products is basically the same, they are amazing, but you go through them fast. I also found that they are most effective when used together for some reason. I mean, I guess that makes sense that brands would make their products to complement each other and work best when used all together. But I will say, it’s a little odd that when I’m using other lines if I add in a Briogeo product, I feel like it just isn’t as effective as when I use it alongside other Briogeo products.

So my overall verdict: Will I purchase again? If my income goes drastically up, yes. If I was independently wealthy, I’d use their line all the time. I mean, I could even see myself going exclusively over to Briogeo in my dreams. Their stuff is amazing, it works so well, the performance is top-notch to be sure. Also, all of their products smell incredible. I really want to try some of their other lines too, especially the shampoos to see if they allow for less product to be used with each shampoo. But for now, with my current budgetary needs, I just find that I can A. find products that work fabulously (just as well in fact) for a cheaper price, or B. find products that work just as well (if not better), that are at the same price point or even a little higher, but they last WAY longer. So it’s way more bang for your buck.

The thing that other products haven’t been able to give me is the effectiveness with the naturalness of Briogeo. Which is why I’d come back to them in a heartbeat if they became more affordable.

So to actually conclude, Briogeo is where it’s at when it comes to natural, good-for-you hair care that has performance to die for. They are indeed what natural hair care dreams are made of, but they are a nightmare for the wallet.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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