Review: Becca Sunlit Bronzer

Sometimes when you reach for a bronzer, you just want a simple, subtle effect, like you went on a tropical vacation for the weekend. But sometimes, you want a bronzer to take you on a week-long, tropical excursion. You want it to give you a look that is so bronzed you can practically taste the ocean air, you can hear the waves and feel the sun gently caressing your skin.

Becca’s Sunlit Bronzer in Ipanema Sun is the bronzer of your tropical adventure dreams.

It’s actually unreal how gorgeous it is on the skin. A few swipes and you’ve got a tan that slays dragons and rescues whole entire medieval villages.

This bronzer is the real deal and believe me when I say, a little goes a long way and you better be ready to blend. And tap off the excess. If you go in heavy-handed, this can definitely go wrong and you’ll look like an extra from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (we all which characters I’m talking about). But once you get the hang of applying it properly it, and it really is as simple as knocking off the excess and blending a little more than you normally would, this bronzer has a beautiful, unbelievably natural, tan and bronzed to perfection effect.

That’s what I love so much about the Becca Sunlit Bronzer, it’s there for you on those days when you just want to go the extra mile of gorgeousness and be your ultimate fabulous self, when you want to look extra tan, but in that natural, vacation way. I don’t want to be redundant, but I also cannot stress enough just how beautiful this bronzer will make you look.

Here’s the break down: I’m giving it a firm 10/10. I love it. It’s something where if I heard they were discontinuing it, I’d take out a second mortgage to ensure that I’d have enough stock to last for life.

The color swatches on your arm into a warm-toned, light brown that has subtle reddish tones and a gorgeous satin sheen. When applied to the skin and blended out it has the same light brown with an ever so slight reddish deepening and the finish on the skin is honestly so hard to describe. It’s satin and slightly reflective in sunlight, but it also has an almost matte-like effect and it appears to just sink and blend right into the skin, it’s amazing. Almost cream like, the way it blends into your skin makes it look like you just have this natural amazing tan and that you just glow. I love it. I live for it.

The lasting power is full throttle, it’ll look amazing all day honey. It won’t budge. The magic does not fade.

Other details: There is no discernable smell. The packaging is beautiful and feels very high quality and luxe. It’s also heavy and I always love that. It has a nice mirror as well. My photos of it don’t do it justice because they show fingerprint smudges and scratches, but just let that be a testimony to how much I use this baby.

It retails for $38.00 on and there are five beautiful shades to choose from.

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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