Be Sure to Pass on This Sticky Spray-On Sunscreen

I’m sad to report yet another sticky sunscreen. The culprit is Sun Mist by Pixi ($18 for 80 ml) which is a spray-on sunscreen with an SPF 30. I purchased this SPF because it came in the same spray bottle that my all-time favorite facial mist comes in, Milky Mist by Pixi. I thought that since the Milky Mist has such an amazing mister that sprays out a super fine, ultra-lightweight mist, the SPF would be a similar experience. I also was planning on using it on my face, of course, and I thought, what better way to get more SPF on my face than with a lovely mist? I was planning on using this SPF spray as an easy way to touch up and reapply my SPF, after all, it would just be a few quick spritzes, and then I’d be out the door.

Sun Mist Pixi

However, the sad truth is, it’s sticky. It also does not spray out evenly so you’ll have to spend a little time rubbing it in. It’s totally fine for the body, but the face was a sticky disaster for me. It also got sticky in my hair, which drove me insane. There’s nothing worse than having your hair stick to your face and then start getting stringy and sticky. So gross. So for face use, it’s a hard no. For the body, it’s okay.

Sun Mist Pixi

I won’t repurchase because there are just so many other spray SPFs that I love for the face. I also would want a higher SPF than the little baby 30. What I am thinking of doing is removing the sunscreen liquid from the spray bottle and putting it in some other jar and then refilling the mister with like rose water or another facial mist than comes in an inferior type of spray bottle. But I do not recommend buying this product just for the bottle alone. I am merely improvising, adapting, and overcoming. #thebeargryllsofskincare

Hannah Flack
Hannah Flack

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