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Beauty is my passion. But before we get started, let me quickly define it.

To me, beauty is in the little things, the quiet moments in life where someone does something kind, or brave. When we make others smile when we stand up for what’s right, when we are a voice for the voiceless and defend and protect those who need our help.

Also, beauty is that moment and experience when someone is truly comfortable to be in their own skin, and absolutely proud of who they are! Which brings me to my love of cosmetics, skin and hair care. I these things because they can be an immense help with bringing out the best in us. When we find that shade of lipstick that gives us killer confidence when our new highlighter makes us feel like we can take on the world-it’s empowering, emboldening and so much fun.

I believe that cosmetics should be for the individual, not for the world, not to impress or make others attracted or jealous. Makeup should be about bringing out, and not covering up what makes you beautiful!

And now for a little about me: firstly, I’m a huge nerd and damn proud of it. I adore science and learning new things. This is a big reason for why I’m so into makeup and skin/hair care. It’s totally science baby! I love reading about how new formulations are made, researching the ingredients, finding out exactly (on a cellular level if I’m so inclined) a certain product is good for your skin or hair. For me, it’s never been enough if something works, I need to know how and why it works. I need to know that if I put something on my skin, or hair-it’s going to be something beneficial and healthful to my body.

Ok, one more little factoid about me that I want to share just because it’s so much of my heart and who I am. I love people with special needs, learning and mental health issues. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a family where I was introduced to these people early on, I grew up with children who had down syndrome and autism as friends and have always dedicated a part of my life towards helping and being involved with causes and organizations that work with making a better life and world for these beautiful people. If we work together, we can make a more understanding, kind, empathetic and inclusive society for those with special needs, learning disorders and mental health struggles.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

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